Friday, January 13, 2012

~ Skarner ~

So I bought Skarner the other day and only had enough time to play a couple games with him, and I have to say I think he is really fun to play. He has really strong clearing ability in the jungle, strong ganks before and after lvl6,     awesome ulti. Just an all round good Champion in my opinion.
The first time I played Skarner on a free week I hated him, mostly because I had no idea how to play him, but after watching LoL pro Saintvicious on his stream play him I realized that he is not only good, but fun champion to play. I would recommend watching pro LoL player to anyone that wants to learn the game better. To many games I see kids that have no idea what they are doing, kids with 1000+ games played and they still act like its the first game they have ever played. CLG being my favorite team I tend to watch a lot of HotshotGG and Saintvicious which I have learn lots of different things about this game just from watching what they do in certain situations and just how to lane and overall play well.

You can find streams here. also guides on every champions on there websites.

"Many more posts to come!"


  1. LoL is not my MOBA im a dota man, but like it all the same!

  2. Thanks for the link man. I would love to get good at this guy.

  3. i havent played this game in so long :( was never any good anyway though