Saturday, February 18, 2012

IPL4 Qualifiers and Curse's Invitational Tournament.

These tournaments will be going on the 18th and 19th. Come watch some of the best LoL players from around the world compete against each and fight for that prize money!

Curse tournament today:
Prize: $5,000
Counter Logic Gaming vs. Team Solo Mid at 3:00 PST  (CLG up 1-0 ATM)
Epik vs. Dignitas at 5:30 PST
Then the Online Finals are at 8:00 PST

Other then the players themselves streaming the shout-cast stream will be here:

IPL4 Qualifiers:

I dont know exactly what time the teams are playing but you can find the stream here:


  1. Some of those tournaments have pretty good prize money.

  2. hoping clg can pull out a win!