Sunday, February 12, 2012

¢ LoL Pro ¢

So the pro League of Legends team Curse has made a new website that includes guides, videos, news about the team, forums, and info on tournaments. The website is a lot like the CLG and TSM websites in what it features, but in my opinion it is more based on the guides and helping people understand that right way to play LoL rather then just putting all the news about there team and how/what they have been doing.

I decided to post a blog about this because I like anything that helps the community in there play. I think that anyone that plays LoL should look up guides for the champions they play and watch pro players stream to improve themselves. Nothing frustrates me more then wasting 20+ minutes with teammates that have played over 200 games and still don't get the simple concepts of how to play that game.
  My next posts will be about the new champion Nautilus and the patch notes that come out with him, and the Go4lol tournament that is going on this weekend.

Links to pro teams websites: (with great guides and team news/info)  - Curse   - Counter Logic Gaming  - Team Solo Mid


  1. I don't play LoL but it's the same with any game like it. If you're going to play it, then take some time to learn to play. It's basically the same with any game that has classes, or specific characters with different skills.

  2. Curse, huh? Let's have a look then. I'm a fan of solomid's website but it never hurts to have more options.

  3. I played League of Legends today after ages. Might get into it again.

  4. i guess its an interesting idea atleast