Monday, February 13, 2012

Nautilus, the Titan of the Depths

Nautilus looks like a really strong champion to me, but the way it sounds to me is that he keys on his skill-shot  heavily and people are generally bad at skill-shots. I do like his abilities, his anchor move which is like the opposite of blitz pull and his passive which is free CC. Looking at his abilities I think he will be a very strong if not OP in top lane with his gap closer, sheild and aoe spell. There is also that chance though that Riot makes his abilities go good that the damage numbers on them lack making him useless, only time will tell that and not much time at that.
  Just based on his abilities, I feel that be should be build as an AD bruiser, or maybe even a non-heal support with the CC that he has. I could easily see him being built like Irelia, with a Wit's end, Trinity-Force, Merc-Treds, then what ever defensive items you need from there. Anyways I look forward to the upcoming week for this champions release and for the free Ziggs week since I am on a new account now and have not been able to buy him.


  • Staggering Blow (Passive) – Nautilus’ first basic attack against a target deals bonus physical damage and immobilizes the opponent briefly. Staggering Blow cannot trigger on the same target more than once every 12 seconds.
  • Dredge Line - Nautilus throws his anchor forward. If he hits an enemy, he'll drag himself to his target and his target to him. If he hits terrain, he'll drag himself to the terrain and the cooldown is reduced.
  • Titan’s Wrath - Nautilus places a shield on himself that absorbs additional damage based on his maximum health. While the shield is active, Nautilus' attacks deal damage over time to units around him.
  • Riptide - Nautilus slams the ground, causing the earth to ripple out in waves. Each wave deals damage and slows the targets hit. This slow decays over time. Multiple waves that hit the same target deal reduced damage.
  • Depth Charge (ultimate) – Nautilus launches a depth charge towards a target that picks up speed as it travels. This charge knocks up all enemies it encounters while traveling and explodes on impact, stunning the target and launching them into the air.


  1. You can't go wrong with something called the Titan Of The Depths.

  2. I stoped playing LoL since Fizz but with champs like this one I wonder if I should reinstall. Seems interesting.

  3. Skill shots are my bane. I'm sluggish and slow, but they're still fun. I'd like to test drive this champ, though.