Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Nautilus Release Patch Notes

Im not going to go though every little detail of the patch notes, rather im going to touch on the things I like most about the changes and what I dislike.
The Big Buffs:
 Ill start it off with one of my favorite champs that got a buff, Warwick. Warwick got some much needed buffs this patch that will help him keep up with how fast other champions can jungle and his overall damage. The buffs they gave him I think are pretty balanced and creative(adding stacking damage effect of passive.) but I don't feel they touched him main problem which is his ridiculously low mana pool. Riot also gave a HUGE buff to Shen this patch, they changed/tweaked everyone of his abilities. I think that a buff on Shen was much needed but I fell like they just gave him way too much and that he will be nerf him a little on the next patch.
The Big Nerfs:
Sona is probably the champion that got hit hardest this patch by nerfs, to be fair her level 1 damage was way too strong. Riot tweaked her damage so that Sona cant burst someone 1/2 health in the first levels, late game Sona will still be the same. The only other real nerf that I saw was on Vladimir. Which I felt like after last patch he was fine, but I guess the 1800+elo player where saying he was too strong(more team-play, smarter players,people that main vlad.).


  1. I'm still clueless about LoL, but I enjoy seeing people cheer and moan about the patches haha.

  2. Some people win and some people lose when it comes to patches.